Internet Fax Easy way to send your faxes online

Internet Fax Easy way to send your faxes online

Nowadays, telephone services are undeniable one of the most important communications between people. If it does not matter how big your business is, what is your business nature and how you do your business - you only need a fax service to send out these documents. The latest survey that shows a greater proportion of business bills is to fax to prove that the fax is still one of the must-have services for your office.

However, the fax is not only dependent on the regular fax machine. By using the Internet, we can now simply send out eFax. Internet faxing, or sometimes known as email faxing or online faxing, is one of the latest technologies that allows its users to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. Instead, Internet access and an email account are all required.

Why are you using Internet Fax?

If you have ever had a fax, you can understand how frustrating it is when it gets stuck, cut off page text, stays in the middle of a transfer, or the receiving machine is busy or without paper. Additional more, additional cost for fax machine, installation of a separate phone line to avoid conflicts with your answering machine and the ongoing cost of replacement of toner cartridges - all of this caused excessive costs that can not be avoided.

Imagine now that you can eliminate all of these No more paper jams, smooth transmission, 24 hours stand without any more input signal, and most of all, the minimum cost of maintaining the service. This is what an Internet fax service can provide.

The Internet is the perfect way to send faxes because they do not need to be sent in real time as a phone call makes. Its usually not a problem if it takes a few seconds to send as long as it gets there in a relatively short period of time and its flawless.

With Internet Fax, you do not have to pay for additional phone line, fax equipment and maintenance costs. All you need is to pay the subscription fees to the fax program and the cost per fax.

Who is hot in Internet Fax?

Over the past year and a half, several vendors have produced and sold Internet fax services. There are several different flavors of this idea. There are companies that offer software only solutions that let you fax directly from your computer to a fax machine. and there are services that offer fax-to-internet gateway products, which are hardware-based routers that mimic a fax machine.

Fax services that use software such as eFax require you to register with the fax service provider. Using this software makes faxing as easy as printing. These services are good for companies that primarily send outgoing faxes from their computers.

The benefits of using this method are that faxing becomes significantly cheaper because you do not make long distance connections over the phone lines, no hardware is needed, you get faster transfer, you can send many faxes at the same time, no dedicated fax lines are required, and a web interface is available if you want Add fax-on-demand capabilities to a website.

The disadvantages are that documents must be sent from your computer. With these services, there is no support for faxing to IP ports.

While for fax to internet gateway products, you need a hardware-based router that mimics a fax machine. With these, faxing is done in the usual way with the fax machine, but the gateway device, which then calls the destination machine and sends the fax, interrupts the process.

This service is good if you do not ship a lot of faxes, but still want to make use of the savings when using Internet delivery. Its also good if you do many international phone calls. The disadvantages are that you do not save much on either domestic faxing or faxing to countries where the Internet infrastructure is less well developed.


You are probably coming to this article when you are looking for replacement for your conventional fax machine. If so, we recommend that the fax software is the service to use. With the various services available on the market, you can easily get a good deal on faxing. After some detail studies, we believe that eFax is currently the best fax service to go to. eFax currently provides three different packages eFax Pro for heavy fax usage 19.95 month eFax Plus for average use 12.95 month and eFax Free 0 month that let you get free faxes over the Internet

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