10 unique features of online fax

10 unique features of online fax

When any new technology gains favor with the public, it usually offers features that the public wants and can not get anywhere else. Online faxing is a perfect example, offering new technology that gives users many useful features and benefits that they can not get from conventional faxing methods. These unique features have made online faxes very popular.

So if you want to discover more about Internet Fax, here are 10 unique features that make it extremely valuable to have

  1. Mobility

Online fax is completely portable because it uses the Internet and email system to send and receive all faxes. Once you have signed up for an online fax provider, all you need for fax PC or mobile device is connected to the web. means that you have a virtual fax on hand almost anywhere on the planet giving you space independently.

  1. Email Powered

Actually, online faxes are closely related to emails because your faxes are sent as e mail attachments in a variety of formats. It connects all your faxes with one of the most useful communication tools that changed everything. E And just like using email , sending an online fax is as easy. This simplicity is a feature that made email fax so popular.

  1. Equipment Free

Great with online faxes, you do not need to buy any new equipment or supplies. Because everything is done via the computer and the web, you do not need a fax or any paper, toner and ink. Plus, you do not need to install And keep a dedicated fax line to use this new way to fax.

  1. Digitized freedom

With online faxing, all your faxes are digitized, which means that they can be easily stored, sorted and or deleted with a click of the button. Offers this great convenience because we have probably searched through heaps of paper or files to find. that a fax we needed but with Internet fax allows you to easily search and find faxes you need because everything is conveniently stored in your online account or on your computer another area that affects many people receives junk faxes. In the old system this can spice up valuable resources and tie up your fax, but with online faxes you can only delete junk fax and you can also place a block on the phone number so you do not get any future junk fax from this source.

  1. Simultaneous faxing

Another large part of email fax lets you send or receive countless faxes at once. There are no more missed faxes due to paper jams or busy signals because the fax line was hired. If your business depends a lot on faxing to communicate with customers or to take in sales, then you can easily see why this feature is very important to have.

  1. Fax Shipment

Internet Fax allows you to send a single fax to multiple recipients at the same time. Its great if you want to send out a fax very quickly, without having to manually fax a fax or enter a fax number. It can all be done with one click of the button.

  1. Business Scalability

Most Internet fax service providers offer custom plans and services to companies that allow them to tailor their fax services to match their fax needs. Because everything is being managed online and free of charge, all companies can scale or scale down their faxing requirements such as the economy or business poetry. This can be a real time and money saver for any growing company or company.

  1. Secure faxing

Another development, online faxing is much safer than conventional faxes, as it uses SSL Secure Sockets Layer encryption when sending faxes. This ensures that any faxes you send will not be seen or revealed to hackers or anyone who wants to harm us. This increased security is an important reason many companies have switched to online faxing, making it sense of peace.

  1. Auto Confirmation and Auto Alert

Many fax providers will automatically send a confirmation if the fax has reached its destination. The recipient can also acknowledge that he has received the fax. Offers this great convenience, especially if its a time sensitive fax that needs to be handled very quickly. Similarly, you can also set up fax alerts so that your provider will send an email alert when you receive a fax. This means you never need to miss a fax again.

  1. Auto return

Most fax vendors will also automatically send the fax if it is not received for the first time. This will increase your chances that the fax will actually reach its destination.

As you can clearly see, online faxes do not have any special unique features that make it very useful and useful to users. And we have not even mentioned the cheaper costs or the fact that since its paperless, online faxing is usually considered a greener way of faxing. Given all these useful features, its no wonder that online faxes have become so popular.

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